About Me

Photography has always been a huge part of my life. Throughout my adolescent years I would have a new throw away camera each week to document the many adventures of my friends and I. It wasn't until 2011 my husband bought me my first digital camera (I know, a little behind with the times). I had my last son in 2012 and I was obsessed with trying to pose him and get these certain looks. It was fun!! In 2014 I really began to put myself out there and discovered a whole new world. Being behind the camera, making art happen, gives me so much joy that I can't even put it into words. Photography was made for me. It is my comfort. There is no better satisfaction than providing my clients with a memory of a lifetime! 



So, who is the girl behind the camera? I could probably sit here for days and try to come up with some over the top essay about my life, but, it's really not that complex. Okay, it is 😜

First things first, I am a mom. I have 7 handsome and healthy boys that are responsible for the ratty hair, baggy eyes, messy house and empty fridge, but more importantly, they are the reason behind my smile, my laugh, the drive and determination behind my work. One of those boys is my incredible partner in life, my husband. (Did I have you all fooled, bwahahaaa) He surprises me each day with the amount of love and inspiration he provides me with. He is my number 1 fan! 

Above all these things, I am nothing without my Lord and Savior. 


Thank you for your support and confidence in me, I am forever grateful ❤️